Valley View Secondary School

Flexible Learning Option (FLO)

FLO is a student enrolment strategy aimed at supporting successful engagement and retention of young people in secondary school to the age of 20 identified at risk of disengaging from a mainstream school based learning program.

Students who benefit from this program often have multiple complexities in their lives that impact upon their successful engagement with.

These things include:

  • anxiety and depression.
  • learning difficulties
  • social and behavioral problems
  • bullying
  • homelessness and transience
  • family difficulties.
  • Valley View Secondary works with FLO students to ensure that each student has:

  • a qualified case manager assigned (who is not a teacher) to help address wellbeing issues, as well as planning for learning options. We will work with the student to match them with the best provider to suit their needs.
  • a Flexible Learning and Transition Portfolio, which makes use of learning spaces both on the school site and in the wider community.
  • FLO students and their parents work with a school coordinator, case manager or youth worker to identify strengths, special interests and areas where the student needs support. This information is used to develop a Flexible Learning and Transition Portfolio that can lead to:

  • learning options outside school, including sites like the NESPN Community Learning Centre, the Youth Education Centre or other providers
  • access to subjects of specific interest
  • support from other agencies - e.g. youth and community services, Centrelink, health services
  • developing stronger numeracy and literacy skills
  • coaching and goal-setting
  • further education, training and apprenticeships
  • employment opportunities